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Video 1- Introduction to the course

We welcome you to the course with a small glimpse of our country’s culture.

Video 2- Introduction to coaching

Coaching is a hat that has been worn by many people, and thus has many styles or ‘fits’.

Video 3- ⁠How Coaching differs from...

For you to be a good coach, it is very important to understand what coaching is.

Video 4- All about the ICF

A congregation of like-minded individuals sharing the same...

Video 5- Benefits of ICF Membership

Once you know about the ICF, Gaurav explains why being a member of the ICF...

Video 6- Types Of Coaching

As coaching’s scope expanded, it began to branch out, trying to fill the needs...

Video 7- ICF Core Competencies

The ICF has eight core competencies that are a must for any member coach to...

Video 8- ⁠ICF: Levels & Eligibility

ICF offers all the three credential levels- the ACC, the PCC, and the MCC credentials.

Video 9- Introduction to Erickson...

We are proud to bring to you Erickson Coaching International in India and our favourite...

About TASC

ICF Accredited The Art & Science Of Coaching

by Erickson Coaching International-Changing the world one conversation at a time

This program is designed to give you a comprehensive and practical coaching education that will equip you with the skills, knowledge, and tools to become a successful coach. The program is based on a solution-focused approach that empowers your clients to find their own answers and solutions.

Why is Erickson’s Art & Science of Coaching Program UNIQUE?

Solution-Focused: Mobilizes your client towards their desired results rather than concentrating on the past dissatisfaction and present issues.
Client-Centred: Gives you the confidence to trust and mobilize the inner resources and skills of your clientele and also have the respect for their agenda or schedule.
Systematic: Enables you to accept and understand the holistic nature of your clients and also look at the bigger picture with positivity.
Action-Oriented: Follows a trail that will help you to change a few specific steps that will lead to the changes in behaviour, attitude and habit developments.

Video 9 - Introduction to Erickson Coaching International & The Art & Science of Coaching Program

We are proud to bring to you Erickson Coaching International in India and our favourite child- The Art and Science of Coaching (TASC). Take a look at the exciting programs that we have planned for you and the multiple opportunities for you to grow as a coach and expand your network. You will catch Gaurav in his element as he explains all that is dear to him.

The program also incorporates neuroscientific principles and world-class coaching models and tools that will help you create transformative change for your clients.

About xMonks

xMonks (Formerly known as Inspire Coaching Systems) was founded in the year 2008 with a mission to Inspire, Enable and Transform beyond imagination. Over the years, we have transformed into an ecosystem where we bring to you experts from different walks of life who share their experiences for personal transformation and leadership development. xMonks is a journey of experimenting, living, reflecting, and restarting again every time we fall.

We are partners to two international companies including Erickson Coaching International, and The Leadership Circle. We also collaborate with several world-class experts. Today we stand for creating possibilities and enabling transformation for self and others.

Erickson Coaching International

The Leadership Circle

Erickson Coaching International (ECI) is a global educational organization providing ICF accredited professional programs in coaching and human development since 1980. ECI is dedicated to expanding the key technologies of Coaching & Business Leadership. Headquartered at Vancouver, Canada, ECI has a strong presence in over 85 countries across four continents.

The Leadership Circle is a global leadership assessment and development company at the forefront of the field with offices around the world. Together they are striving to do much more than sell assessments. They endeavour to change the global mindset of leadership. They are focused on elevating the conscious practice of leadership because they know consciousness and competence arise together to establish high levels of effectiveness.

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