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Your Coach Certification with Erickson includes

Sixteen LIVE video sessions covering 68+ Hours of coach-specific training

Three Complimentary webinars dedicated to the batch

Open invitation to Monthly webinars dedicated to Erickson India Community

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    Program Outline

    The Art & Science of Coaching program consists of two modules.

    Module I

    You will learn the basics of coach position and will be able to conduct a full coaching session by the end of this module. The focus of Module I is on inspiration and the central question we will explore is, “What do I want to achieve?”

    Module I Online comprises of 8 live online Zoom sessions each lasting 3.50 hours with an expectation of approximately 45 minutes of outside class time work per online session.

    Module II

    Module II will provide you with an expansive set of tools to delve into your client’s question, “How shall I achieve it?”. You will learn time-bound, actionable and rigorously tested strategies to achieve a productive coaching relationship with your client.

    Module II Online consists of 8 live online Zoom sessions each lasting 3.50 hours with an expectation of approximately 45 minutes of outside class time work per online session.

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    Who, What and Why?

    Erickson Coaching International (ECI) is one of the oldest and largest coach training institutes that provides ICF accredited ‘The Art and Science of Coaching’.

    The pedagogy and curriculum coming from Erickson Coaching International is an evolved amalgamation of the best coming from NLP, counselling, and other fundamental human development programs.


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    19 Years

    working with ICF


    Sukhjit Singh Pasricha VP, HR-IndiGo

    “I wish I can take this journey forward by implementing whatever I have learnt in these 8 days and contribute to the larger goal of personal and professional life”


    “It’s been a true inspiration for me to attend the coach certification program. It has been a very exhilarating journey. Thanks to Xmonks”

    Rarindam Lahiri General Manager ,HR – Samsung

    “This journey has opened up a huge new avenue, and I have had an experience that I probably never anticipated ever before. It’s way beyond I ever expected. "

    Rohit Thakur Get started CHRO PAYTM, EX-MICROSOFT

    “I would recommend any HR professional, Business leader to take the first step as I did and join this course.”

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    The program is accredited to ICF. It covers all the core competencies recommended by ICF to start your coaching practice formally or professionally.

    Yes, you will be an ICF certified coach after the completion of this program.

    This program is the first step for your ACC credentials. After completion of modules   1 & 2 you will be an ICF accredited coach wherein you can start your coaching practice globally and it will also help you in building your profile for the ACC credentials from ICF.

    The certification will help you to understand the structure and framework of coaching and the skills required to engage the coachee in a meaningful and impactful conversations. The certification gives you enough visibility in the market and opportunity to connect with reputed organisations for coaching assignments.

    That would require some research at your end for understanding the program content and offerings. For example: Does the course meet the necessary criteria specified by ICF, the mode of training, duration of the program, facilitators profile, what kind of post program support you can expect, what arrangements are there to support your coach journey and your learning journey towards ICF etc. You may also find it helpful to connect with some references or Erickson graduates in your network to get better clarity.

    Coaching is for anyone and everyone. You could be looking to set up a coaching practice, become  a better manager or make a career shift.The program is highly recommended for those looking to get an ICF accreditation and looking to build a strong base and foundation for a thriving coaching career.

    No, you would not feel the need of pursuing another certification to specialise in the chosen niche. However, it completely depends on the choices you make for yourself, our foundation program in coaching which is also accredited by ICF “The Art & Science of Coaching” provides you with extensive 8 days classroom training model which covers all the necessary tools and techniques and provides you enough depth to have powerful and tough conversations with your coaches irrespective of their industry and profession. Therefore, after the completion of the certification of the program you can pick and choose any niche in coaching based on your interest.

    Join our ICF accredited program


    To become an ICF Certified Coach

    Grow in your Career

    To be an effective leader

    To become self aware

    Learn to draw your boundaries

    Join our ICF accredited program


    To become self aware

    Learn to draw your boundaries

    To become an ICF Certified Coach

    Grow in your Career

    To be an effective leader