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Erickson Coaching International (ECI) is one of the oldest and largest coach training institutes that provides ICF accredited 'The Art and Science of Coaching'. With the vision of changing the world one conversation at a time, ECI has a robust presence in more than 85 countries spread across four continents. Erickson India focuses on instilling the primary technical aspects of coach training to all its participants.

With its headquarters in Vancouver, Canada, Erickson is a globally recognized Coach training institute. xMonks, the Indian partner, spreads the knowledge of Coaching while taking forward ‘Solution-Focused Coaching’ that is a well-researched approach designed by Erickson Coaching International. Apart from The Art and Science of Coaching that are open to all aspiring Coaches, we also provide an exclusive course in Team coaching.

Why Choose Erickson ?

The pedagogy and curriculum coming from Erickson Coaching International is an evolved amalgamation of the best coming from NLP, counselling, and other fundamental human development programs. Since 1980, Dr.Marilyn Atkinson worked on shaping how Solution-Focused Methodology now informs and differentiates coaching from other disciplines in the field.

The ICF provides the standards for all coaching educational institutions to deliver a high quality of coach training, so that each new coach meets core competencies of a high professional caliber. Individual coaches and schools that pursue ICF accreditation demonstrate expertise in coaching, in both knowledge and skill, and an ongoing commitment to excellence. Erickson’s world-renowned coach training program, The Art & Science of Coaching, is fully accredited by the ICF

Erickson's coach training is offered both online and on-site, providing you with an opportunity to choose the delivery method that suits you the best. Both online and on-site offerings provide the same powerful coach training curriculum and are facilitated by Erickson Coaches who are carefully selected, highly skilled and trained. Read more

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Online Batches for 'The Art and Science of Coaching' come with 64 hours of learning. They are spread across two modules. Register for the next batch to become an ICF Accredited Coach.

  02nd – 05th Feb & 09th – 12th Feb, 2023

16th – 19th Feb & 23th – 26th Feb, 2023

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The Art & Science of Coaching

Anyone irrespective of whether you are an individual who is in pursuit of a better professional life or wants to Become a Coach in India or a leader in any organization who wants to advance his or her professional dynamism, you can acquire the Solution-Focused ICF-Accredited Coach Training and Become a Coach through our Coach Training Programs

What is Solution-Focused Coaching?


Mobilizes your client towards their desired results rather than concentrating on the past dissatisfaction and present issues.


Gives you the confidence to trust and mobilize the inner resources and skills of your clientele and also have the respect for their agenda or schedule.


Enables you to accept and understand the holistic nature of your clients and also look at the bigger picture with positivity.


Follows a trail that will help you to change a few specific steps that will lead to the changes in behavior, attitude and habit development.

We provide you with a Solution-Focused and Result-Oriented Certified Coach Training, and also give you a better understanding as to what is Coaching and how to become a Coach. This will enable you to find the new links between work and core values and will also expand your creativity, innovation, and strategy.

Our Graduates:

xMonks (Formerly known as Inspire Coaching Systems) was founded in the year 2008 with a mission to Inspire, Enable and Transform beyond imagination. Over the years, we have transformed into an ecosystem where we bring to you experts from different walks of life who share their experiences for personal transformation and leadership development. xMonks is a journey of experimenting, living, reflecting and restarting again everytime we fall.

Apart from partnering with Erickson Coaching International, we also collaborate with several world class experts. Today we stand for creating possibilities and enabling transformation for self and others.

iOwn, a social development initiative, is a global platform that connects coaches and social change makers to leverage the power of conversation to bring change at the grassroot level. iOwn is guided by a deeply held belief that all lives have equal value and was raised knowing it's important to give back to the community.

iOwn serves individuals and organisations which are working in the social development space to bring in a social change. iOwn work with changemakers through coaching partnerships thereby enabling them to develop themselves and grow their initiatives.

Our Partner

xMonks(Formerly known as Inspire Coaching Systems) and iOwn are the trusted partners that we have in India. Our partners have the aim of advancing the positive impact of the realm of Coaching Certification in the world and also flourish it within the country. They share the same vision with us regarding the fact that Coaching Programs in India is a robust drive for change that can endow and shift individuals, organizations and the overall working standards of our society.

They support our vision with more than just money and have often come up with beneficial ideas and in-kind aspect of helping build a better community.

Our Corporate Team:

The corporate team at our forum has the collective passion and focus on the aspects of work that has a substantial and robust impact. The feeling of community has attracted all the top-end professionals to our base from diverse backgrounds, and this makes our institution a collective community of all the sieved jewels of society.



Gaurav is a trainer who brings in energy in everything that he does which is highly contagious! His professionalism and strategic thought process did a terrific job for my team when he was roped in for conducting a team building workshop.

Director, Finance Solution


Gaurav brings in immense energy, enthusiasm and thought into the process of OD (organization development). It’s great to see in him a very nice human being, a sound professional who is passionate about organization development as well as in his coaching endeavours and assignment.

A Private Coaching Client


"It has been one of the most intense and energising interventions that I have ever experienced"

Ms. Vaijayant Naik

Head HR with ICICI Securities


"It's been a true inspiration for me to be here and attend the coach certification program. It has been a very very very exhilarating journey"

Dr. Aneeta Madhok

MD, Open Spaces Consulting