Why Choose Erickson?

Take any time, any moment, or any particular location on earth, and you will see that there has always been a few specific people and groups that have been recognized for being on the acerbic end of skillset as well as thoughts and ideas. They are the ones who make the real difference at that time and that too in the areas that matter the most.

Erickson Coaching International is one of these advanced and visionary centers for advanced learning. In these modern ages of confusion and chaos, education must also include the skills of being a proficient leader and have a vision for the future. The learning system should bring into the culture the various practical methods for bringing into life visions and values in daily approaches to problem determination.

Our Founder, Marilyn Atkinson, shaped efficiently as to how Solution-Focused Methodology in the recent times apprises and discern coaching from other principles in the field.

Reasons to Choose Erickson Coach Training

Over 36 years of pioneering human development programs globally

Revolutionizing human development programs on aglobal scale for the last 37 years.This is what makes Erickson the oldest Coach Training Institute in the world, which has produced over 47,000 graduates that are successful in their lives and making the lives of others better.

The Institution has unique and high-end resources and tools to keep them connected as well as back up the ongoing learning.

Certification is accredited by the International Coaching Federation

Erickson is accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). They are the body that regulates the norms and standards of all the coach training institutions to convey the best and highest quality of coach training.

The main aim is for each new coach to meet the capabilities of the highest professional caliber. The globally popular coach training program of Erickson, The Art & Science of Coaching is entirely accredited to the ICF.

Entrepreneurial training and coaching business building support

Erickson Coaching International is considered one of the most credible institutions that offer in-depth coach training programs within the country.

The Institution has trained and prepared over 500 graduates in India from various organizations with the likes of SAP, Asian Paints, Wipro, Microsoft, PwC, Deloitte, Harvard Business, Cambridge University, Sapient, Titan, McKinsey, KPMG, Barclays and Tata Steel.

Contact with our enrollment advisors

Unmatched tools and resources to support your continuing education

They have all their content researched and proven and received the award from the ICF for the best Research-Based Content and Gold Standard.

The Head of Erickson India has served in the ICF India Chapter in the past. The Head was instrumental and active to establish the programs on a broader scale in India. Erickson India Team has the ACC's, PCCs, and MCCs in the making.

Trainers include internationally recognized Master Certified Coaches

Among the various trainers, there are also the internationally recognized Master Certified Coaches.

The ICF certifies all of the Erickson trainers as coaches that have years of experiencing and facilitate as well as leads training, alongside their prosperous coach practices.