The Art & Science of Coaching ICF Certification from one of the most renowned institutions in the world is a correct way to address the chaotic and stringent dynamic demands of the systems of modern life. Through the taking up of the Art & Science of Coaching Certification in India, you can effortlessly develop a robust base in the practical and theoretical aspects of Solution-Focused coaching and coach training.

The Art & Science of Coaching Programs in India from Erickson Coaching International- India is offered on-site as well as online. The Art & Science of Coaching Training Programs resulted in the emergence and expansion of the mindset and psychology of a Solution Focused aspect of work. Through the ICF-Accredited the Art & Science of Coaching Training you can attain Solution-Focused skillset and avail the most comprehensive and robust as well as revolutionary coaching skills.

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Module I

When you are done with the course, you will be better able and will:

  • Have better knowledge of coaching as a profession
  • Be prepared to institute and exhibit a robust coaching presence
  • Know the tactics for establishing affection and confidence
  • Have the capability to develop an operative coaching session contract
  • Be able to implement influential in practices to assist clients towards resolutions and effective actions

Module II

  • Be ready to help clients to make and modernize their action plan
  • Actively pay attention to their clients and that too beyond just their words
  • Will be able to avail the conceptual tools for better working of the human brain
  • Have a good knowledge of the use of tone and language constructions for operative and efficient communication
  • Be able to employthe approaches that encourage client self-awareness and recognition of their developing competencies
Module I

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Module III

  • Be prepared to apply the training knowledge and help clients to prioritize effectively and also sustain the principles to make them whole
  • Be able to use the various education and experience of the course and back the clients in developing proficiency of a preferred skill-set over the persistent term
  • Have developed a compelling array of communication skills to encounter clienteles beyond self-imposed barriers
  • Have the efficiency to use diverse tools and help the clients get over their various obstacles
  • Have the capabilities that allow the clientele to access their deeper version of knowledge and abilities

Module IV

  • Enables you to use the various special schemes to hold the clients for both when they are accountable for their actions and also to recognize their progress
  • Have the ability to compose the set of queries to determine the client’s motivational aspects and also help them to formulate plans to enhance their satisfaction
  • Have developed simple practices to help a client out of a hassle base response and guide them to the inventiveness
  • Have the habit of following the specialized and reverentialbehavior and etiquette as delineated by the International Coach Federation’s Code of Ethics
  • Effectively implement the philosophies of Solution-Focused response in assessingyourself as well as the peers

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