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Our Partnership

For the last 38 years, since 1980 Erickson Coaching International has been revolutionizing Solution-Focused Coach Training as well as Business Leadership Programs not only in the USA and Canada but also on a global scale. We are represented by more than 45,000 graduates in over 85 countries spread across 4 continents. The most innovative coach training process of Erickson also happens to be the most renowned one – 'The Art & Science of Coaching'.

Erickson finds its trusted partners in Inspire Coaching Systems and iOwn, in India. Our partners have a robust and impacting effect on the realm of coaching in the world. They recognize and resonate with us on the facts that coaching is a powerful and robust drive for change. It can empower and change individuals, corporations, organizations and even communities. Our partners are valuable to us and contribute more than money to these programs. They avail of valuable ideas and in-kind support that helps us build cohesive communities.

Inspire Coaching Systems

Inspire Coaching Systems is a congregation of creative and enlightened minds

Inspire Coaching Systems is a congregation of creative and enlightened minds with an enormous range of experiences that are equipped to fulfill the demands of the changing working environment. It is a unique leadership inculcating firm and partners with the organizations that have a high-growth potential to enhance the coaching quality and consciousness in the realm of business. Our involvement with each other casts the stone for the long-term and maintainable success.

Inspire Coaching Systems structure and avail dynamic events that bring out the qualities of leadership teams across various organizations. They have workshops and events that bring a cohesive sense of conscience and personal awareness and also ensure the ability of communities to build their path for themselves as well as the organizations.

Inspire avails various psychometric tools in combination with the leadership inculcating tools to bring out and form a robust curriculum that includes MBTI, FIRO B, The Leadership Circle and Hogan. Solutions are created through experiential learning and meet the demands and goals of the clienteles like the strategic planning, credibility enhancement, team collaboration and leadership development.
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We have a very close resonating belief with the ones of iOwn, and it is that all lives have equal value and were raised knowing it is essential to give back to the community. We are well prepared to enable people who welcome change from an element to a force.

iOwn is our partner who focuses on realizing the dreams of individuals. This is an essential aspect of the realm of coach training. iOwn is like a window for the better development of yourself and also for the change into a true leader. They help you to truly awaken the leadership traits dormant within you and make you more proficient in the business domain.

This organization is an initiative that gives the ability to the coaches to effectively bring about change in the life of individuals and through that make an impacting change in the world. The coaches at our base have the highlighting values of volunteerism and social engagement. They are always up for making a difference and adding values to the lives of the ones who work with dedication.
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We have a very close resonating belief with the ones of iOwn, and it is that all lives have equal

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