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The Art and Science of Coaching is a coursed that is developed by the Master Coach and the Founder of Erickson, Dr Marilyn Atkinson. This course will help you learn how you can have a solution-focused approach to your process of Coaching. The courses are designed in such a way that it brings about the best and most holistic approach to the process of training for our clientele.

The course helps to leverage a vast array of tools to drive the students on the right path and with robust character. Our Founder, Marilyn Atkinson is the pioneer of the concepts of Solution Focused and Outcome Oriented Coaching model. This resulted in the emergence and expansion of the mindset and phycology of a Solution Focused aspect of work. The courses also helped in the better development of the various leadership and management skills in an individual.

The Art & Science of Coaching

The Art & Science of Coaching is Erickson’s most recent and innovative course, which is designed by our Founder, Dr Marilyn Atkinson. This course helps you to address the chaotic and stringent dynamic demands of the systems of modern life. This is done by assimilating better perceptions to a solution-focused work into everyday interactions.

The course also enables you to disengage from the constant stressful efforts at trying to take over the sophisticated system and helps you discover a more dynamic sense of calm in the chaos.

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Team Coaching

Better and higher level of performance of the team and making each compatible with various others is the focus of this course. The High-Performance Team Coaching approach has made the difference and helped the various team-players.

And also helped project managers globally to practically implement specific values-based tools to boost revolutionary as well as better strategic thinking. This course also tests and outlines the disciplines and principles within the team.

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Organizational Coaching

This course is specially designed around the aspects of how a human brain can work. The recent research in the theories of regulatory changes and, systems from rational psychology are all taken into consideration in our approach.

Erickson’s organizational coaching programs revolve around the theories and principles of a Solution-Focused and Outcome Oriented Coaching perception, providing an accurate and germane link between work and other primary morals.

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Life Coaching

The entrusting of a holistic mentor for the various issues of life has become an enormous market in the modern society and is yet to develop more shortly as well. This coaching will help any individual to have a better outlook on the society and at themselves as well as their near and dear ones.

This is a process of self-modification that is a direct driving result of the outlook along with their drive to change and also challenge themselves that will ensure the person to achieve what the individual is in pursuit of.

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Career Coaching

Helps you have a clear idea of what are your real talents and what would be the best career options for you. The holistic mentors help you to have a better perception of yourself and also enable you to understand oneself more dynamically.

This will help you understand that which career will suit you best and also trains you correctly for the better chances of your professional development.

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