ICF Certification
ICF Certification

Your ICF Certificate is your symbol of coaching excellence

Aiding in Your Dedication to Coaching

You can portray to your clients the commitment to the profession of coaching and builds a specific aspect of credibility for you throughout the industry. Reliability has become a significant and essential aspect of the regular day-to-day judgment of working standards lately.

The ICF well defines the significant reasons as to why coaching is essential and moreover in today's world. One of the major ones is that almost 85% of the clients believe that certification of coaching as the synonym for workplace professionalism and levels. The coaches that have the benefit of accreditation are more preferred by the businesses and are also offered better pay. Stats show that clients with certified coaches have a higher degree of contentment availability are more prone to be referrals.

Certification – A part of the fundamentals in the modern business domain

84% of clients value certification as a professional standard of quality assurance

84% of clients value certification as a professional standard of quality assurance

Certified coaches have higher income than non-certified coaches

Certified coaches have higher income than non-certified coaches

Clients who work with certified coaches report better satisfaction

Clients who work with certified coaches report better satisfaction and are more likely to recommend their coach to others

The platform of ICF makes sure of the fact that the various coaches and their qualities like the life, business and administrative aspects are of top quality, through the courses, guidelines and also emerge them as excellent professionals who follow the robust and ethical codes of professionalism.

There are three levels of certification in the realm of coaching that is offered in ICF:


You can avail more info all the three levels below in the content.

At Erickson, we bring you coach coaching programs that are renowned for being one of the programs from an ICF accredited institute and is famous worldwide. Our programs are well regarded as a highly exceeding methodology and the strict standards of ICF.

Through accreditation to the ICF, Erickson creates well balanced and trained coaches. Since the availing of certification and especially the ICF certification can make a big difference in your career of coaching, our platform has made the entire process much simpler for you.

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Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP)

Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP) Features

• The Art & Science of Coaching developed at our platform is an ICF accredited coach training program.
• It complements all of the dynamic requirements of ICF in the field of educational and other workshop related activities.
• Our forum and team of experts at Erickson even back you through the complete application and enrollment process of ICF.

Note: Completion of Modules I – IV of The Art & Science of Coaching fulfills ACSTH requirements only.

Erickson has been through an extremely strict and severe as well as a rigorous process to avail the certification accreditation of ICF. This makes our institute one of the selected few to achieve the place of being an ICF-Accredited Coach Training Program provider on the map of the world.

The coaching programs are continually revised and reviewed to make sure that the curricula are of excellent quality. The certified coaching programs are also made sure that they have significant competency in the fundamental aptitude, the training structure, faculty and ethical code of coaching. This enables us to avail the highest quality of coach training programs to the clients.

Get the adequately certified ability to be a competent coach and benefit the business through your competence.