Why should a coach consider a refresher or revision of the coaching material?

Posted on: July 01, 2021 Posted in: Career Coaching Programs

Why should a coach revise? 

Heart these words before we go further.

“We were revisionists; what we revise is ourselves.”

? Margaret Atwood

Whether you are a seasoned coach or have only one year of experience, many of us have observed firsthand that what we learn fades over time. The human brain is extremely efficient at offloading information that we do not 'need' – information that we do not use on a regular basis. As a result, we must devise methods for informing our brains that the information they have stored is still relevant.

This means that, in a coaching and development context, the majority of coaches will need to meet with their mentors on a regular basis to review critical concepts. And it is at this point that refresher training becomes necessary. A refresher training course is designed to reintroduce learners to fundamentals they may have forgotten or to upskill them on new information they may be unaware of.

Let’s see the key benefits of attending a refresher course.

Benefits of Refresher Training

Refresher courses are designed to refresh your memory and make sure your knowledge is up to date. It is like a fire-drill but for coaching. It is to jog up those methods and teachings you once learnt.

Are those skills working for you? Do you need to find an alternative and effective way to engage into a coaching conversation?

All these niche related questions are answered and updated in a revision session. Enlisting some of the advantages of attending a refresher coaching session.

  • Increased efficiency

  • Reduced mistakes

  • Fostering a culture of continuous learning

  • Creating parity in updates competences 

  • Promoting excellence

  • Making learners feel safe in their growth

  • Achieving compliance

  • Helping to identify training needs and skills gaps

  • Increased awareness of new policies and trends

An important part of coaching is to ask a lot of questions. If you are someone genuinely interested in finding out more about how things are going. Or what kinds of problems people are running into, where the gaps and opportunities are, and what needs to be done better. 

This curiosity facilitates the coaching dialogue. Keeping the curiosity ignited is done by a revision. After all nothing is ever so good that it can’t stand a little revision. The refresher session for TASC Graduates by xMonks and Erickson is designed for smooth give-and-take between coach and learner. So that the learner freely shares his or her perceptions, doubts, mistakes, and successes so that they together reflect on what’s happening.