The 19 Best Online Business Tools For Life Coaches

Posted on: June 23, 2021 Posted in: Life Coach

Being a successful Life coach comes with a lot of perks. You are your own boss, you can pick and choose your own clients, and work and schedule things on your own. But once you reach a certain level of you need a good set of productivity tools to keep up with the momentum you have created and to obviously make your life easier.

Juggling with emails, meeting clients, attending sessions, and writing content can become an arduous task for any person.

Check out some of the tools which help your life become easier.

Business Apps & Digital Storage

•   Google Apps for Work – The wide array of tools which Google offers is the best thing that has happened to businesses across the world. Ranging from Google sheets to Google calendar. The ultimate set of apps for a Professional.

•   Dropbox – Share all of your documents in the cloud server in a safe and effective manner. There are many cost-effective storage plans they offer


•   WiseStamp – Professional email signature designs with easily customizable templates. Add inspiring quotes with every email you send using WiseStamp’s Random Quotes email app.

•   Streak – Customer Relations Management (CRM) inside Gmail. Helps to easily track and record your clients in an organized way.

•   Boomerang – This tool helps you schedule in advance all your email sending queries to clients/subscribers from international time zones.

Scheduling & Meetings

• Finding dates for meeting and scheduling has never been easy with Doodle.

•   World Time Buddy – A time zone converter in order to better coordinate with your international clients.


• Uber Conference – A conference calling tool with ready made tools already existing.

• Google voice – Google voice users can make cost-free calls between each other, leave voicemail as easily as email, and much more.

Customer Service

• Highrise – A CRM tool which is free upto a certain limit of userbase. It is a very handy and nifty tool to utilise

• Survey Monkey– Helps you build an questionnaire in a neat format

Social Media Management

•   Pagemodo – Pagemodo is an amazing tool which lets you take all the posts and enhances their reach to your targeted audience.

•   Buffer – Buffer is the easiest way to publish content on social media across multiple accounts ranging from Facebook to Instagram. You have free as well as paid plans to increase the number of platforms beyond 3.

•   Postplanner  – PostPlanner is the essential tool which will help to save time while posting and analyzing your FB Posts


•   Canva – Graphic designing for beginners. A drag and drop tool which already has thousands of readymade templates. They have also been very well categorized into Social Media Posts, Info graphics, etc.

•   Social Media Image Maker – Image resizing is a very time consuming process which has been made easy which the above mentioned tool.


•  Getresponse – Highly recommended email marketing tool

•  Mailchimp – The most popular email marketing solution with ready made templates depending upon the subject matter


Fiverr – The marketplace for creative and professional freelance services. Get your websites updated and business cards made from the a huge repository of freelancers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Which online business tools can help life coaches with emails?

WiseStamp, Streak, Boomerang are some of the popular tools that help schedule emails in advance for sending queries to clients and event tracking and recording clients in an organized manner.

Q2. Which online business tools can help life coaches communicate?

Uber conference a conferencing calling tool and Google Voice which is a cost-free call process helps life coaches in the process of communication.

Q3. Which online business tools can help life coaches with customer service?

Highrise a CRM tool and Survey Monkey for making questionnaires are the two business tools required by the life coaches.

Q4. Which is the best online business tool that can help life coaches in the process of outsourcing?

Fiverr, a marketplace for creative and professional freelance services helps in website updates and business cards. This is a great business tool for the process of outsourcing.

Q5. Which online business tool can help life coaches with social media management?

Some of the tools required by life coaches for social media management are buffer, post planner, canva, social media image-maker, and pagemodo. These tools help in the publishing of the content and enhancement of reach for the target audience.