How to become a Life Coach in 8 Steps

Posted on: February 28, 2019 Posted in: Life Coach

Becoming a Life Coach while might not require a huge amount of credentials, can still be an arduous and complex task if not done in the correct way. And while there might not be any regulations to become a Life Coach, there are certainly many things to be kept in mind to become a successful one. Those who chose to be certified by a respected coaching body must complete training requirements, log hours of coaching, and complete a competency exam. The ICF or International Coach Federation, the official certification body of Life Coaches ensures that the standards are met for the same purpose.

Steps for becoming a Life Coach

Consolidate on all the Resources: The first step is to gather all the data required to become a certified Life coach. You can get the same from the official ICF website. In order to get the best recommendations of resources, branch out to existing and successful life coaches and ask them for pointers for the same purpose.

Becoming a Good Listener: This side of your personality - needs to develop if it does already not exist. You need to understand that becoming a Life Coach means to bring out the best aspects of your clients. So you need to let them speak and you need to let them get to the right answers, all you need to do is enable them.

Types of Life Coach: There are different types of Life coaches, you need to figure out where your expertise lies and then start making pointers on how to head in that direction. A type of Life Coaches includes:

A. Health Coaches

B. Wellness Coaches

C. Sports Coaches

D. Career Coaches

E. Relationship Coaches

The best way to decide the type of life coach to become is to combine your passion with your experience and/or education.

Get Life Coach Training: There are many Life Coach Training Mentors out in the market. However, it would be better to take up a systemized and well module course like Erickson’s Life Coach Training Program or Leadership Training Program to get the best out of yourself. The weekly training hours and the seminars conducted by industry experts and successful Life coaches help you in honing your skills. The most important thing to ensure is the life coach training program that you choose provides adequate tools for practical application when coaching clients.

Participating in Workshops: These Workshops provides an opportunity to develop and hone the best possible skills which you have. The objective of said workshops needs to be practical. It needs to teach you all the aspects a Life Coach needs to deal with on a day to day basis. How client’s relationship is to be created and how important is public speaking. For example, coaches specialized in faith-based coaching, coaching for different age groups, or transformation-based coaching may offer workshops on how to break into that particular niche. This will help you to evolve into a successful Life Coach. Another point to be remembered is that you need to create a relationship with your Mentor. It is always important, especially in the formative years, to have somebody to rely on for seeking advice. A life coach also requires coaching from time to time.

Life Coaching Skills: This is one of the most important steps to always have in mind. No matter how the industry and circumstances change, there will be certain pointers you would always want to have in your head. So when choosing a life coach training program ensure that they are able to teach you the skills needed to become an effective life coach.

Following are some of the skills that need to be developed and inculcated: 

1. Listening Skills 

2. Ability to ask powerful questions

3. Planning and Goal Setting 

4. Ability to motivate clients and help them overcome obstacles

5. Neuro Linguisting Programming

6. Design and develop Individual Action Plans

7. Establishing a Coaching Presence

8. Life coaching ethics and standards

9. Ability to create awareness in Patients

10. And most important of all – Patience

Setting up of your Business: - The end goal of this training is to how to effectively set up a business platform for yourself? Attracting clients to your physical office or creating a website, all of these questions need to be answered in the initial stages. Conducting seminars, analyzing your competition, following the market trends and gauging insights are a must.

Start Coaching:- Trial by fire is the surest means in order to assess your own ability as a coach. Start conducting workshops or small help groups, you will only learn by being in the moment as a Life Coach.

Now that you have learned the steps of how to become a certified life coach, hopefully you will be able to make an informed decision. If you should decide to become a certified life coach, you will be entering into an exciting and rewarding career. You will help others to achieve life successes.