5 Reasons to become a Certified Coach

Posted on: February 28, 2019 Posted in: Life Coach

Are you planning to become a coach? The questions coming to your mind probably would be- Do you need to become a certified coach? What are the benefits of becoming a certified coach? If you are thinking to start a career as a coach then you need to get the certification.

1.  A more successful Career

Research states that professional coaches with certification and training become more successful and are less likely to drop out of the coaching profession. School of Coaching Mastery research founds that around 80.6% of coaches wish to be more successful. No one wants to lose a potential client just because you don’t have that letter to your name.

2.  Get Distinguish from others

A certification helps you distinguish yourself from other non-certified coaches who often mislead or cause harm to the clients. With more scandals coming from the business, authentic professional coaches ensures to get certification from a reputed place. According to a survey conducted by the ICF, people calling themselves a coach without certification is the biggest problem.

3.  Build authenticity

People assume that coaches with professional certification are better than uncertified. In absence of a trusted friend or good referral, people look for certifications. This certification acts like a stamp of approval from the trusted source.

4.  Client looks for Certification

Your potential clients probably want you to be certified. A survey conducted by the ICF found that around 84% coaching clients think that credentials are important to them. This is in stark contradiction to what uncertified coaches have to say. The survey shows quite evident that the need for certification keeps on rising.

5.  Credential are required to practice legally

At some point, you may legally need it. People who want to become a life coach or executives wonder whether they need a credential to legally practice coaching. For now, the answer is “No”, but trends show that it will change in near future and have a certification can help you immensely when any sort of regulations are introduced.

The biggest reason to become a certified coach is whether you want to actively select to set your success journey or not. Coaching certification is a proof that you are interested in best practices rather than just meeting the minimum standards. This helps you set up success journey and represent best practices.