3 Quick Steps to Become a Life Coach

Posted on: February 28, 2019 Posted in: Life Coach

What do you understand by the term “coach”? Well, he is someone who facilitates someone towards changes and helps them reach their objectives. If you are planning to become a coach then you are considering a profession that changes lives for better. People have witnessed a dramatic increase in the coaching profession. This profession has eventually gained more acceptances.

Become a coach

Let’s begin with discussing essential qualities that are required to become a coach.

•  Desire to Help

•  High level of Awareness

•  Strong emotional intelligence

•  Strong personal trustworthiness, standards and integrity

•  High level of intuition and empathy

•  Active listening skills

Do you find these basic qualities in yourself? If yes, then this might be the right career for you.

1.  Explore Coach Training Programs

The best place to search is on the ICF website. You can select from various accredited training schools. Your choice should be dependent on the coaching niche that interests you. You can find different offers like the combination of distance and in-person learning.

Another way of doing it is by putting the relevant keyword on Google search. Go with an ICF accredited program as it asks to fulfill certain criteria. Most of the programs provide training in finding clients, setting business and marketing your skills.

2.  Choose your Specialty or Niche

Before joining a coaching training decides a specialty or niche you want to focus upon. Instead of calling yourself a life coach, go for narrowing your coaching area to attract the specific group of clients.

The best way to differentiate you is by demonstrating yourself into a specialized focused niche. Honing your skill within a niche offers more value to the clients and limits your competition. Always go for a program that gives you a general and strong coaching curriculum. Some possible coaching niches are:

•  Business & Entrepreneur

•  Public Speaking & Public Relations

•  Career Transition & Life Passion

•  Executive & Marketing

3.  Plan for Future

There are different actions you need to take for building a client base and get your business off the ground. Some of them are:

•   Define niche based target market

•   Develop business strategy with vision, mission and goals

•   Create Facebook fan page and become active on Social Media

•   Create Coaching Agreement & Coaching Packages

•   Open a business bank account

•   Set up your accounting system

•   Build your website or blog and develop content on them

These are some of the activities that you need to focus on before starting your coaching business. You will be a charge of creating a business that can expand into income streams. There are coaches that might not make you rich instantly but it is a rewarding career for multi-faceted business.

If life coach career excites you, then get started!